Under the Covers with Slim Loris

You wait ages for one Under the Covers, then two come along at once. Enjoy the choices of Slim Loris, Sweden’s hottest musical property.


You’re on your fourth album with a major label – they insist you do a covers album, whereby you interpret your favourite works in your own style. Please select the ten tracks you’d ideally like to cover, along with a brief explanation as to why that artist or track means something to you.

You’re allowed ONE guest artist on the album to contribute to one track

Leonard Cohen – Everybody Knows. A song we have actually covered live in the past. A classic song by a master lyricist. We do it in a more blue grass Americana style though with a 2/4 time and lots of harmonies.

Prince – When doves Cry. [Guitarist] Leon’s idol growing up. A song that he has done a great guitar driven pop/rock version of in the past.

Pink Floyd – Wish you Were Here. A great song that sounds fantastic in any arrangement and a great sing along chorus. We’ve this played live with Slim Loris as well as other bands we’ve had in the past and its always a hit live.

David Bowie – Starman. Another classic by a fantastic innovative artist. We’ve played it live with Leon on vocals since his range is more suited to the song.

Tom Waits – Ol´55. I love Tom Waits, a complete original and genius. I wouldn’t dare cover his later work, it just sounds like nothing else and I wouldn’t know how to interpret it but his first album is more “normal” and Ol´55 we’ve done a long time ago in a 60’s pop style with lots of harmonies.

The Beatles – A Day in the Life. A huge influence and reason that we got into music in the first place. Since we have two singers, we have been talking about doing this one with one part each but we haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Regina Spektor – Samson. A fantastic song and a song that I’ve sung along to in the car so many times. We would have to rearrange it to suit us though. Maybe into a Crosby, Stills & Nash kind of thing.

Massive Attack – Karmacoma. A song that me, Leon and Jonas bonded over when I first got to know them as I got the gig as bass player in their former band Celebrate the Sun.

Portishead – Wandering Star. A brilliant band that we absolutely love. The arrangement for our sing “Hideaway” was inspired by Portishead. When I presented the song to our producer I said “I want it to sound like Portishead producing an 80’s power ballad”.

Frank Ocean – Swim Good (feat. Al Green). One of my favourite contemporary artists but he is too amazing a singer for me to attempt it so I would let my favourite singer of all, Al Green, to sing it instead.

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