Chaos Rising – Majestic Iotaphi Video Heralds Release of New EP

From a studio retreat in the depths of Ibiza’s valley, IOTAPHI have emerged with their hot take on electronic music: debut EP “Kloudland”. Dark-hued, cinematic soundscapes and ethereal vocals are stock-in-trade on this offering, but it’s the Greek twist that sets their music apart from the likes of James Blake and co. The Athens-via-Italy duo pepper their heady mixtures with the sounds of traditional instruments such as the santur, while their inspiration is drawn from the myth of Persephone. And, just like the Goddess of Spring, their mission is to bring around change and inspire growth.

“We believe society needs to re-evaluate its core values. We see beauty where it really is, in people’s souls. We are constantly driven away from truth and towards superficiality. There will be change “we will take your world apart”.

Deciphering and embracing chaos is the overriding message in their striking music video for “Kids Of Chaos”, which has been nominated in the Berlin Music Video Awards.  The clip sees dancers with Down syndrome in a state of bliss, throwing shapes in a derelict gymnasium, shrouded in a fog. The powerful video stakes the duo’s claim that they’re not merely musicians, but an all-encompassing art project. This modus operandi has already attracted the likes of Daniel Heath (Lana Del Rey) who produced the track “Hypertopos”, which is featured on the EP, as well as Muse who the duo opened for in their previous incarnation.







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