George of the Rumble!

Where to begin? George Swan is an enigma wrapped in a riddle wrapped in a sausage made from alligators. While he upbringing in the swampy parts of Canada are shrouded in alarming lies and even more alarming truths, what is certain is that his musical output is prolific – to date, 13 albums – three of his own and another ten between his old bands Rash and Patsy Decline.

As a gimmick, calling yourself Big Dik Blak is not without its problems. Potentially a trigger to many, even on a good day it does rather give the impression that the artist themselves is going to be…well, not a white rocker with a track about eating jellyfish. In fact, its little more than the kind of trick Sub Pop played when they were promoting Tad in the late 80s, presenting him as a barely literate lumberjack with a chainsaw to deal with any naysayers. George (or Big, if you prefer) is a similarly styled character, a living, breathing cartoon although sometimes even less plausible.

There is a whole world of George to discover on his website – mere descriptions would do it an injustice. Here’s George’s soundcloud for you to dip into – everything from Deep Purple-esque keyboard tidal waves to quirky…Big Blak Dikness. There’s nothing quite like him. Dive in.





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