No Need to Call 999 for Adam 888

Freshly signed to Warners, Adam 888 is channeling not only the environment of his native Sweden but also his inner energy, with Chakra 123, his sublime exploration of psychedelic trap. Perfectly entwining dream-like beats and atmospherics with Adam’s hypnotic mantras, this is heady stuff and almost transcends beyond music into the realm of motorways to enlightenment…which, of course, is exactly what’s intended.

Adam describes his music as “shamanistic soul”, a term which certainly describes his output so far. Based in Sweden, he was previously a professional skier for 8 years, before feeling a calling to do music. The change in direction didn’t in any way temper his deep spirituality, instead using both the music he creates and the accompanying visuals to learn both more about himself and the universe beyond – fans of his music are invited to join him on this celestial journey.

Building on an already substantial fanbase in America, Chakra 123 is a track which symbolises the energy that moves through our 3 first chakras and ways to receive and generate pure energy made from truth and love. With a transcendental message which combines ancient wisdom, positives vibes and cutting-edge musical techniques, Adam 888 is poised to be the next breakthrough star in a genre which is dominating all areas of popular culture.






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