Slim Loris Release Scandicana Masterpiece

As the leading lights of Scandicana, the Swedish cousin of Americana, Slim Loris have already received glowing tributes from the likes of Huffington Post and Axs, but now embark on a new chapter in their career which sees them moving away from the melancholia of their first three full-length releases and into more uplifting pastures. The previous two years have seen the band battling collectively through personal set-backs but the end result is a Slim Loris which emerges as a tighter unit and even more able to demonstrate the sum of their influences, from UK 60’s Beat to Country-Rock to 90’s Indie.

Formed in 2009, Slim Loris is formed of singer/bass-player Mattias Cederstam; guitarist Robert Barrefelt; drummer Jonas Ellenberg and singer/guitarist Leon Lindström. Their earlier releases veered towards to darker side of life, both lyrically and musically, but “Wild & Untamed” sees a brighter, more optimistic band, evidenced nowhere better than on EP opener, “Mindghosts”, a euphorically uplifting combination of soaring harmonies and lyrics which takes the listener on the journey from despair to a future with endless possibilities. “Burning Elephant” sees an edgier, rockier sound, fuelled by Mattias’ thudding bass; “California” sees a shimmering, glossy country sound which isn’t a million miles from the close harmonies of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.  The jaunty strut of “Before the Snow” gives way to closer, “Hideaway,” an achingly beautiful ballad which builds to a lighters-aloft crowd-pleaser.

Produced by Pecka Hammarstedt, with “Wild & Untamed”, Slim Loris release the tracks they have long teased the threat of – sumptuously constructed with astonishing musicianship and lyrical insight, they are a band which has soaked themselves in their influences and have produced a sound which, though familiar, is entirely their own. “Wild & Untamed” is released on 2nd May 2018.

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