Under the Covers with…Vulpine Smile

Not for us the traditional click-bait list – no sir, only the most demanding brain searching of our favourite acts!

You know the drill:

You’re on your fourth album with a major label – they insist you do a covers album, whereby you interpret your favourite works in your own style. Please select the ten tracks you’d ideally like to cover, along with a brief explanation as to why that artist or track means something to you.

You’re allowed ONE guest artist on the album to contribute to one track

  1. Foxy lady – Hendrix

Jimi is my favourite guitarist, he’s just the best and this song is so corny its good.

  1. Kill Your Mama– Alicia Keys

This song is from her most recent album “Here”, it’s one of the best albums I’ve heard in a long time and this song in particular really moved me – It’s very Bob Dylan.

  1. Make it Rain- Tom Waits

We are all completely in love with Tom Waits, he’s an irreverent genius and he’s incapable of writing a bad song.

  1. Highway 61- Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan the first and arguably best rapper of all time! Yeah we’d love to cover a rap tune like this and add some fuzzy riffing!

  1. Jangling Jack- Nick Cave

Our first choice would be to cover Red Right Hand but the Arctic Monkeys have done it so… this is our second choice.

  1. Sir Duke – Stevie Wonder

We grew up listening to Stevie Wonder and his music always cheers us up. Can’t help but want to dance to this song.

  1. Baby please Don’t Go – Them (Van Morrison)

I learnt to play guitar by playing this riff over and over. It’s one of the most covered blues songs of all time – but on more wouldn’t hurt.

  1. Dream Brother – Jeff Buckley

This song is so atmospheric, I’ve always wanted to learn how to play it but never had the courage to try as Jeff’s songs are so hard to play and sing.

  1. Cocaine Blues – Johnny Cash

Listened to a lot of Johnny Cash growing up and the lyrics in this one are so dark and funny, can’t believe he got away with singing it in a prison.

  1. Catherine – P.J Harvey

This song was used for a love scene in Peaky Blinders, I love the way it subtly builds and the minimalism of it.

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