The Unconventional World of Nele Needs a Holiday

One of the most arresting and lovably strange releases for a long time, Nele [pronounced Nail-a] Needs a Holiday is the idiosyncratic personae of Nele Van den Broeck, who has released the best work of her career so far, her new album, Love Yeah. Although a concept album about love, this is from a real world perspective: the silly arguments; the irrational thoughts; the good times and the horrendous. In equal measure heartbreakingly touching and outrageously daft, this is killer sing-songwriting from one of the world’s great overlooked talents. Nele Needs a Holiday’s time has finally come.

The first single to be released from the album is We’ll See, an achingly gorgeous lament which sparkles throughout and haunts you for days. To add to the darkly comedic theatre, the video is one of the most memorable in years – watch this space for the big reveal!

Already due to appear at 2018’s Latitude Festival where she will be presenting her musical, How to Fail at Being Perfect (already a hit at the Hammersmith Lyric Theatre in London), Nele Needs a Holiday is essential listening for fans of cutting-edge songwriting with humour and insight – think Divine Comedy; Adam Green and Amanda Palmer, with a bit of Bette Midler added for good measure. Check it out here:





Twitter: @NNAHoliday

Instagram: neleneedsaholiday


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