Survival Code Lay Down the Rules for Modern Living

London-based duo Survival Code know better than most that less is more. Paring themselves down to a duo after stripping away everything from unnecessary production to surplus band members, they release the first single, Not Working, from their forthcoming album, Hopelessness of People. Comprising of Dubliner, Gary McGuinness (lead singer/guitarist) and Londoner, Tom Cook (drums/backing vocals), Not Working is a perfect snapshot of the band in 2018 – no nonsense, no compromise, no prisoners. Dispensing with music industry protocol, flaky hangers-on and moody introspection, Survival Code grab you by the ears and swing you around the room, no questions asked!

Working alongside Matt Hyde (Slipknot; Bullet for my Valentine; Ash), Survival Code have the power and dynamics of a band literally twice their size – packed to the gills with tantalising riffs and fiendishly addictive melodies a la Foo Fighters and Biffy Clyro, they are a rock band who cut to the chase and go for the jugular. Having overcome the issue of wayward band members in the past, they have stuck to the two ever-present members to lead them forward to glory, with a string of live dates planned alongside a full release schedule of new music for 2018. Like Royal Blood, they thrive in this minimalist setting and are equally arresting either on record or on stage.

Having already had heavyweight media support from the likes of Planet Rock and rotation play on Kerrang! Radio, Survival Code are at the peak of their powers and Not Working is the perfect introduction for the uninitiated, with a suitably irreverent video to go with it, capturing the energy of the band as well as their wry sense of humour. Not Only is released as a single on February 1st 2018






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