Heavyball Hail the Great British Office Worker

When it comes down to it, Brexit, the cost of living and nuclear war are at best only of equal concern to most Britons as gossip at the water cooler, what mood your boss is in and the after-effects of day-time drinking. It is with these hard facts that Heavyball have built their first full-length release, “When Can You Start?” a twelve-track meditation of a week in the life of an office worker. A true reflection of British life for so many people in 2018, bathed in bathos and pathos and the glum tragedy of dead-end jobs; failed dreams and minor personal triumphs. “When Can You Start?” is a triumph of bitter-sweet social commentary.

Formed in Nottingham, Heavyball is fronted by Bigface on vocals and guitar; his brother Habs on drums; Johnny Iball on bass and Tom “Stone Cold” Frost on lead guitar. Though there is a clear ska and 2-Tone influence in their music, “When Can You Start?” is far more than an album aimed at fans of a particular musical style – it is an album for anyone who enjoys the art of story-telling and the fine line between comedy and tragedy. Their “new-tone” style is humorous without stooping to corny punchlines and tragic without leaving the listener feeling anything but uplifted after listening. The album tells the story of an everyday existence made extraordinary in one final act, something both funny, upsetting and thought-provoking.

Heavyball’s cover of Jimmy Somerville’s “Smalltown Boy”, hailed by the singer as, “the best cover version of “Smalltown Boy” I’ve ever heard

The lead track from the album is “Top of Your Game” which introduces us to the album’s protagonist who used to be someone…used to be a contender…but now works in an office doing nothing of consequence for people he hates.  The memories are still there though, and there’s still a small chance he could make it big! With a reputation for incendiary live shows, praise from people as diverse as: Jimmy Somerville; BBC 6Music; BBC London and Absolute Radio’s Frank Skinner, Heavyball arrive in your life in the nick of time. They will be happy to have a chat near the photocopier on your lunchbreak.

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