Join the Cult of Anarchy Reigns, Social Media’s Metal Sensation

In case you’re late to the party, Anarchy Reigns aren’t just a band; they aren’t just political agitators – they’re a way of life. Headed by the gargantuan totem of rock and revolt, Hitch, they are first and foremost a thunderous rock band with an underlying industrial rumble who excel on the live scene. However, even before releasing a note, they have captured the imaginations of the world with their social media activity which has led to what can only be described as “a cult” of loyal followers. Anarchy Reigns the Band; Anarchy Reigns the Brand; Anarchy Reigns the Revolutionaries.

With over 220,000 organic likes on Facebook and with an average post garnering 1000 shares, they have instigated the formation of an army of followers who have bought into Hitch’s acts of minor anarchy – disobeying “keep off the grass signs”; carved Halloween pineapples; mislabelled signs – subtle insurrection to a soundtrack of devil horn flicking rawk!

Featuring the inimitable Hitch on vocals’ Eddy C on guitar; Deep on bass; The Snake on keys; Biffer on drums, and Mohawk on extra guitar fury, they are a band you can immediately fall in love with, have fun with but also share in their rather more serious moments where they tackle some of the world’s most pressing issues, whether they be the failings of the so-called democratic system or injustice happening just around the corner from you. Their live shows are already the stuff of legend, with a recent sold out gig on a Cyprus beach seeing Hitch ‘landing’ on stage via his space ship, New Dawn, to an accompanying welcome of flames and pyrotechnics. Yes, you did read that sentence correctly.

Anarchy Reigns bring fun and brains back to rock music, with their dedicated following snapping up their prized limited-edition merchandise and eagerly awaiting the notoriously unpredictable Hitch’s next move. Anarchy Reigns arrive just when the world needs them most. Your new heroes; your new inspiration; your new favourite everything. Long live Anarchy Reigns!





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