Bryony Dunn is Engaged for the Foreseeable Future

Up-and-coming singer-songwriter, Bryony Dunn, releases her latest single, “Golden Girl” on November 17th, a brilliantly-crafted track tackling the cult of celebrity. Bryony’s debut release was mentored by superstar songwriter and Online Records founder, Dominic King, and is accompanied by a fantastic video filmed in Paris which perfectly reflects the song’s lyrics and theme. To support the release, Bryony is hitting the road in what can confidently be said to be a guaranteed sell-out tour.

Bryony will be playing for extremely select audiences in the “cosy” confines of a select number of vintage phone boxes across Britain, ensuring the most intimate gig of both the audience and performer’s lives. Bryony has had a true passion for the iconic red boxes due to the fact most of her previous writing inspiration has taken place in her local ‘magical’ phone box, located in the small hamlet in which she lives.

For a number of years, I have treated my local red phone box as my writing den, as it is totally magical and is surrounded by a Narnia-style wooded area,” explains Bryony, “I really want to draw attention to the wonders of our beautiful red phone boxes, which are now used for a multitude of purposes from libraries to fast food vendors. In my case, they have been a source of song-writing inspiration, so with my recent song “Golden Girl”, which is all about the theme of international celebrity, I thought it would be rather ironic to play gigs somewhere that reflect my present status as an artist, as well as how developing artists in general struggle to get gigs: hence, performing at venues –  red telephone boxes – where my audience will number one, or at best, two individuals! There is both a message in what I am doing, as well as a guarantee my tour will sell out!

Although the specific celebrity the song is based on has not been revealed, an online poll has so far garnered over 5000 votes, with Taylor Swift narrowly leading the competition, with Katy Perry a close second. Bryony is asking anyone who has a red phone box near to them to contact her Facebook and Twitter in order to plan fully her intimate tour in the first quarter of 2018…

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