Increase Your Intake of Cholesterol! The Season’s Best Music Video For Your Pleasure

Cholesterol Jones, video-maker and folk-artist extraordinaire, has released his latest video in support of his forthcoming EP, both of which are titled “Satan’s in Heaven”.

Watch the video to “Satan’s in Heaven” here:

The keen-eyed amongst you may have detected a similarity between the animated Satan and the current incumbent at The White House, though the hair still looks a bit too realistic to us. No by-numbers punky-rock anarchy here though: Cholesterol has used a gospel/country/folk hybrid of a tone for the song, which is magnificently catchy, as well as making it abundantly clear what his own views on the democratic process that led to the election of Donald Trump are. With the elegant songwriting of classic folk artists and the savvy alternative approach of They Might Be Giants and The B-52’s, it’s the perfect taster for the forthcoming EP (we’ve already heard it – it’s one of the best releases you’ll hear all year). Dig in without guilt!

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