Under the Covers with…JohnlikeJohn

You’re on your fourth album with a major label – they insist you do a covers album. Please select the ten tracks you’d ideally like to cover, along with a brief explanation as to why that artist or track means something to you.

The Velvet Underground – Venus in Furs

This song makes me feel like a satanic sex god

Yuck – Suicide Policemen.

A suicide policemen is such a heart-breaking phrase, I remember feeling so glum but in a pretty way

Katie Dalton – Karen Cruel

What an absolute talent Karen Dalton is! This song in particular goes back to the troubadours I fell in love with as a kid and she is one hell of a troubadour with her witch voice and her plucky banjo.

The Velvet Underground – Sweet Jane.

We only ever play one cover song at our gigs and this is always it. It’s my dad’s favourite song and I play it when he comes to gigs. More so just to piss him off because I get all the words wrong.

Grease – Summer Lovin’

This needs no explanation. You don’t like grease you don’t like me

Tom Waits – Dead and Lovely

“Now shesss DEAD AND LOV ER LEY!” Tom Waits sounds like what I imagine the devil to sound like. This song in just dripping is cool and refined groove. I cant always make out what he’s saying but knowing Tom its goddayum beautiful.

Robert Wyatt – I Can Hardly See in Front of Me 

I think the song is originally by Chic [it is – ed] but that doesn’t matter a single slice of a bit, this song might be one of my favourite songs of all time. A cry for help and a cry for love, a cry that was very real considering what Robert went through. I couldn’t count the amount of times I’ve been struck by this song.

Neil Young- Tell me Why

I’ve had the album After the Goldrush in my car for 3 years now and for 3 years only 1 track on the album actually works and guess which one that is! You guessed It! Summer lovin! No, its Tell me Why. Apart from hearing it everyday for the past years, it’s still genuinely one of my favourite songs and  albums of all time

B52’s – Give me Back my Man

“I’ll give you fish, I’ll give you candy, I’ll give to you anything that I did ever have, just give me back my man”. She really does mean it as well, offering up all these food and valuables because all she wants is her loveeee. Dance This Mess Around was such a good album in general, my mum had it on cassette and we’d listen to it in the car on the way to school, blasting Rock Lobster

You’re allowed ONE guest artist on the album to contribute to one track Alive: Connan Mockasin Dead: Paul McCartney

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