– Revolutionising the Art of Both Teaching and Learning to play Music are launching the first dedicated social media platform for music teachers across the UK and beyond, helping teachers share ideas of best practice, lesson resources and making what can be quite an isolated job that little bit more social.

Named  Community ( hundreds of music teachers have already signed up from across the UK, providing advice and peer support for common challenges that all music teachers face in their work life – from how to deal with lesson cancellations, to tips on student retention and the best lesson resources.


It was inspired by an observation that working as a private music teachers can be relatively isolating, with few music teachers in a location reaching out to other tutors in that area (perhaps as they are seen as direct competition). To overcome this, the Mgrmusic Community has been launched to enabling teachers to network and ask advice from teachers located across the nation – meaning there is little fear of direct competition between teachers when seeking peer support or asking advice.


The website itself is a database of music teachers, helping music students find the right local music teacher for them. Across the network of websites over 32,000 student inquiries have been made since 2012 and the numbers of teachers within the database has rapidly grown. If you are a music teacher interested in teaching more private students why not sign up for a free profile on the website by going to their sign up page (


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