Reggae and Dub Heavyweights Unite for Charity

Charity singles in the past have tended to be rather safe affairs, understandably – recognisable faces; familiar songs; video of everyone arranged like a choir. This bucks that trend and all for the better. Released in support of the Demelza Hospice and in particular highlighting the case of 11-year old Jaden, who is suffering with a terminal brain disease, this features some of the UKs biggest stars from the worlds of dub, reggae and drum & bass [deep breath] – General Levy; Demolition Man; Jr. Dangerous, Navigator; Tippa Irie; Alaska MC; Cowboy Ranger; Lion Dub and Potential Badboy. And breathe.

As well as benefiting a fantastic cause, this stands on its own two feet as a genuinely cool track – uplifting, catchy and a brilliant showcase for the list of legends to work together. The video is equally refreshing, though slightly shaming if your football skills are as bad as ours. Listen to it; buy it (it’s released on 18th December); spread the word. Make a difference.




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