Ms Mohammed Releases Provocative New EP

We aren’t usually the over-excitable types but this might be one of the most thrilling release of the year. Having enjoyed a so-so career under the name Dana Jade, she reinvented herself as Ms Mohammed, using her real surname in order to challenge preconceptions about what it means to live in Britain today, post-Brexit. Ironically, despite her Asian roots, the Trinidadian-born singer was actually raised a Christian – very much the tip of the iceberg for an artist who revels in paradoxes.

Ms Mohammed is no stranger to controversy – founding the Clit Rock movement in 2013 to raise the issue of those affected by female genital mutilation, and continues to campaign for the rights of those in the LGBT community, as well as those who are victims of racism and other forms of bigotry. Her new EP, Alibi, covers issues such as these but still allows the music space to breathe. Her style, again, contrary to what you might expect from a young Asian woman, is gnarly, punky indie infused with the attitude and charisma of Grace Jones (not to mention thigh-high boots). It’s spectacularly good stuff, catchy, bewitching and almost TOO good for a release so early in her reinvigorated career. The cherry on top of the cake is the accompanying video, which is the perfect mix of sexy and sinister. Dare we say it – a genuine rock star in the making.








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