Music PR Tips From Quite Great – Getting Gigs in Cambridge

How To Get More Gigs

We spend a large proportion of our time here at Quite Great PR building promotional campaigns for bands across the world in an attempt to increase their media attention. Each day we deal with maybe four or five acts seeking our services and they all ask us the same question: How do we get more gigs?

Think Local

It may sound obvious, but first and foremost, you have to become the best band in your area. Build up a few dates at local venues and promote them as if your life depended on it! If you book around three to four gigs that won’t involve too many financial outgoings to begin with, you can effectively promote these dates (as you know your area well) without the need to stretch yourself. At first, you should not worry about ‘paying to play’. Yes, it might seem like you are going backwards rather than forwards, but the initial exposure will be worth it in the long run. At the end of the day, the most important thing is demonstrating that you have the determination and belief in your music to build a real fan base.

Think Realistic

The key thing to remember when dealing with agents is that they are in the business of making money, not helping you develop as an act. Your job in these initial stages is to drive sales as best you can through your own endeavours to prove that you’re serious. All bands want to have fans across the country, and even the world, so social networking can help, but only if you spend a great deal of time focusing on what really makes fans tick.

Quite Great’s Gig Checklist:

1. Give yourself time to promote them
2. Use social networking sites to give fans incentives to come to the gig, e.g. freebies, competition prizes
3. Create an angle that relates to the tour- it should be memorable and interesting for the media
4. Form a timeline covering all the things you need to do in order to sell tickets – This might be things like old fashioned leafleting to obtaining local media coverage
5. Get yourself out there! Try and meet your fans face to face in shops, bars or anywhere they might be and set yourself a number of tickets to sell for each show that you would be happy with

Finally, no one cares about your band like you do, so try everything you can to learn why people go to certain venues and why they would come to your gigs. Draw in other bands, but show that you can build that fan base!

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