The Remarkable World of Lady Geraldine

If Lady Geraldine’s life were to be presented as one of those “based on a true story” straight to video films which were rife in the 70s and 80s, you’d take it back for a refund for being too preposterous.

Born profoundly deaf, Lady Geraldine struggled at school, her teachers unwilling to accept her medical condition as being relevant, she was equally bullied by classmates for being different, though sadly leaving school did not offer immediate salvation. Encouraged to marry, her chosen husband was physically and mentally abusive, leaving Geraldine despondent. Salvation came at the age of 21 in the form of a major operation which reconstructed her inner ear, allowing her 30% hearing but most importantly opening up a previously silent world of music.

Re-marrying, she settled in Africa, starting a career in oil painting, to great acclaim. When this marriage again collapsed, Geraldine settled in Edinburgh, where she still resides. Having founded the world’s first (and perhaps only) hospital for damaged dolls, she was discovered by a local music producer who, recognising her otherworldly musical talent, began to record her self-written songs. The result is Little Miss Blue, a staggering collection of AOR-ish rock which defies belief. Now also managing her own jewellery business, the phenomenon of Lady Geraldine is one of the great wonders of the space age.


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