The Colossal Sound of Sweden’s Pink Milk Washes In







The loudest sound this side of Krakatoa blowing its top, Pink Milk are finally ready to release their debut album, “Purple”, having left a trail of ear trauma in their wake with early hints at their greatness.

The sheer size of Pink Milk’s music isn’t just something to listen to, it’s something you feel – a lung-rumbling alarm that something seismic is afoot. Pink Milk’s reverb-drenched sound is a thing of wonder and something which has cried out to be experienced on a full-length release. Included is their brutal, yet utterly haunting, version of Foreigner‘s “I Want to Know What Love is”, as well as the acclaimed tracks “Detroit” and “Awakening of Laura”. However, even more staggering is the Swedish-language track “Drömmens skepp” (Ship of Dreams), which sounds for all the world like we’ve tapped into a secret meeting between trolls and half-orcs held under a mountain. Extraordinary stuff.




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