Mihail Doman Explores The Classical and Soundtrack Worlds with Arhythmology

Described by the composer himself as “a soundtrack without a film”, Mihail Doman has released his brilliant Arhythmology album, as well as a sumptuous video to accompany it.

Designed as a story of rebirth and new beginnings, his deeply involving orchestral and electronic sound is divided into nine chapters simply labelled with Roman numerals. Keen musicologists will immediately recognise the similarities with Jean-Michel Jarre, a huge influence on the composer. Arythmology is designed as an album to experience in one sitting – turn off your mobile phone, put on your headphones and drift away on the gentle, inspiring sounds and see where your journey takes you.

The stunning video for Arhythmology VI is a modern take on Botticelli’s Birth of Venus, and reflects female strength as well as beauty.

For Fans of: Ludovico Einaudi; Hans Zimmer; Jean-Michel Jarre; Michael Nyman; Beethoven; Vangelis

SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/mihaildoman
Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLqDaz4DiSXVd6TTInSG7XQ
Facebook https://facebook.com/mihaildoman
Twitter https://twitter.com/mihaildoman
Instagram https://instagram.com/mihaildoman
Website https://mihaildoman.com/


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