Albino: ‘London’s greatest alcoholic garage rock band’

Labelling themselves as (probably) ‘London’s greatest alcoholic garage rock band’, Albino are the kind of band  that grab your attention straight off the bat and it’s not surprising when you hear their music either.

Formed around the songwriting talents of Ben Tucker, Albino take us back through time on a journey through sound and genre, fuelled by copious amounts of whiskey, which stops off rock, country folk and americana. Essentially, the band take on a super-vintage sound that’s reminiscent of the likes of The Doors, The Animals and even Johnny Cash. Not only this, but there’s bags of humour thrown in for good measure too, most evident in the video for their new single ‘Belinda’ which is taken from the album, Night At The Chemist.

The band cover a number of topics in their music including popular subjects such as love and life experiences, but Ben’s unique and original ideas have seen them also tackle issue involving deviancy, distrust of priest and of course, drinking.

Since their beginnings in 2005, Albino have gone through a number of line up changes before settling on the current 4-piece outfit, but they have finally solidified a sound that sees them drawing on some of the best music from the classic era of rock’n’roll, and it will certainly appeal to those who believe that this was the era of ‘proper music’.

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