Serena Kern returns with grime influenced ‘Drop Top’

Talented songstress has returned with a totally new style which sees her diverging into the world of urban music for her latest single ‘Drop Top’.

With underground rapper Ms. Banks lending her expertise to the track, ‘Drop Top’ is an infectious, beat-heavy song led counterbalanced by Serena’s sweet vocals.

Previously, Serena had looked to her Asian roots for her inspiration, but when the guys at Music Matters showed her the beat for ‘Drop Top’ – they were convinced that this was an opportunity for Serena to branch out and find her true sound.

Serena was keen to note that ‘The track is very different from what I’ve done before. Chris, from Music Matters, played the beat of Drop Top to me and said it would sound amazing with my vocals. We recorded the track and everything just clicked. Ms Banks then decided to jump on it too, adding an extra edge!


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