Mike Maro hits us with Drake inspired ‘The Catch Up’

He might be new on the scene but Mike Maro is no amateur rapper. Having borrowed a beat from man of the moment, Drake, Maro destroys any preconceptions that he is just an imitator when you hear his succinct, intelligent and witty lyrics that reduces Drake’s beat to a mere platform for Mike’s talents.

‘The Catch Up’ touches on the heart-breaking loss of his father and his deepest insecurities, revealing a rapper who is not just image and no substance; he is a songwriter with a powerful agenda and an affinity for crafting original lyrics.

Mike was just eleven when he realised writing lyrics was something he could connect with, forming a boy band that composed mainly gospel songs and performed at local events.

The rawness of Maro’s style is emphasised through the use of Drake’s simple beat, allowing his masterful lyricism to shine through and not be bogged down by unnecessary instrumentation.

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