Disco Vibes in Tsunami Section’s ‘Keep My Spinning Wheel’

Employing a true retro disco sound, adapted for the modern audience, Tsunami Section are bringing back a seemingly forgotten style of music in their debut single, ‘Keep My Spinning Wheel’.

Consisting of Anna Chiara and Felicia Singson, Tsunami Section work on the premise of creating uplifting, catchy tunes through the use of danceable grooves and throwback beats.

‘Keep My Spinning Wheel’ taps into the original topic of karma, putting across the idea that whatever life may throw at you, there will always be another chance. Consequently, Tsunami Section look to the positive side of karma, rather than the negative one which is more commonly addressed.

The duo are no strangers to performing either, having gigged in over 100 venues across India, including the cities of Delhi, Gurgaon and Mizoram. Anna has even worked with renowned London producer, David Ezra, with whom she released a solo EP.

Have a listen to ‘Keep My Spinning Wheel’ here and we guarantee you won’t be able to stop singing it!

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