Hip-Hop Joins Classical Through the Experimentation of M3staken

Apex is the new experimental concept album from Carolina based artist and producer, M3staken, otherwise known as M3.

As a hip hop artist first and foremost, M3 is a connoisseur of the style, yet he chooses to mix this with elements of electronic and classical music, forming an unheard of amalgamation that proves his quality and ambitions as a musician.

Inspired by the likes of Joey Bada$$, Jamie xx and FKA Twigs, M3staken is an artist who finds influences from all over, even classical. His openness to completely different genres shows a maturity in musicianship that few others possess.

M3 made Apex as an attempt to create a unique fusion of classical, hip-hop and electronic styles. He states that “as a primarily hip-hop based artist, it was important for me to emphasise the amount of musicality there is in hip-hop, while also using a mix of classical styles and modern techniques”.

Instead of using samples, as many would expect from hip-hop artists, M3 prefers to record live, particularly with pianos, helping him and his music to escape the cliche of the genre.

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