‘The Kids Don’t Wanna Come Home’ by Declan Mckenna

If you follow any sort of music publication then you’re sure to have heard of musical prodigy, Declan Mckenna, whose talents without a doubt belie his years.

Every article on him praises his mature approach to songwriting, penning songs about proper, tangible subjects – not just the tales of  ‘unrequited teenage love’ that we see from so many young artists.

But possibly the best thing about his music is that you wouldn’t necessarily know that this is a young musician when you listen to tracks like ‘The Kids Don’t Wanna Come Home’. Not just the mature topics he writes about, but the quality of the actual music would suggest he is a more experienced musician (in terms of age, at least).

Supposedly as Declan notes, “‘The Kids Don’t Wanna Come Home’ is a song about being a young person in the modern world. It’s about wanting to challenge fears and be part of a movement of change, and looking for hope despite a lot of dark and horrible things happening around the world.’

The world might not be a bright place at the moment, but Declan Mckenna’s future certainly is.


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