Mark L. Oakes- ‘Shredded Jeans’

With a beautifully listenable sound, most comparable to the folk great, Neil Young, Mark L. Oakes has released ‘Shredded Jeans’, taken from the masterpiece album, Call Me The Moon.

The Belgian singer-songwriter may not be a part of American folk music history in the same way as Neil Young, but he adopts the style with quality musicianship and considered songwriting which put him up there with the best.

‘Shredded Jeans’ is driven by clean piano tones and Mark’s distinctive vocals, but the folk feel really comes into play with the addition of the wailing harmonicas and some subtly utilised organs which add texture to the song.

Mark labels Call Me The Moon  as the perfect soundtrack for a karmic road trip and it is easy to see why upon listening to ‘Shredded Jeans’. You can imagine endless American highways and journeys of self-discovery within Mark’s work and titles such as ‘Shredded Jeans’ only go further in depicting this image. Consequently, there is vividly cinematic quality to the music due to its depth of emotion.

Along with Neil Young, if you’re a fan of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Tucker Zimmerman or Ryan Adams, then Mark L. Oakes will certainly be up your street.

Travelling between Europe and the United States with a host of musical projects, Mark sees Call Me The Moon as the silver thread out of the vague existential maze.



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