‘Dirty Love’ By Chey

Hailing from the depths of the Welsh valleys, singer-songwriter Chey is bursting out of the rural into the spotlight with her new single, ‘Dirty Love’.

With a throwback 90s alt-pop sound, Chey is offering something different to the current uniformity of the popular music industry through her blend of styles and genre.

The track was produced by top London Producer, David Ezra, who said “I loved Chey’s voice and I was looking forward to working with her on the new single, I brought in Shakil Hussain, a songwriter also from London to join us and within a day we had written and recorded Dirty Love.”

‘Dirty Love’ takes a unique view upon a love affair where the woman is in total control of what happens next. Speaking on the track Chey noted “I wanted this song to emphasise the power of a woman, and how she uses her sexuality to get what she wants.”

Along with Chey’s unique inspiration for the song, it is clear that the production and craftsmanship of the track is second to none, employing heavy guitars in combination with emotive string sections and of course, Chey’s stunning vocals. Consequently, Chey’s debut single ‘Dirty Love’ is intelligent Indie/pop at its very best.




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