INTERVIEW: Glitch Code

Tell us a little bit about where you’re from?
Rachel was originally from Orlingbury in Northamptonshire and now lives in London and Paul is
from Corby in Northamptonshire and now lives nearby in Weldon. Rachel moved to London about
8 years ago to be more centrally located for her acting career.
How has your location affected your music?
Just walking the streets of London, you pick up on different cultures and influences which manifest
themselves in the music. Paul has also travelled extensively around the world and like to try and
incorporate some of the unusual instruments and melodic structures he has encountered in to the
Glitch Code sound.
What genre would you describe your music as?
This is difficult to categorise as there are elements of rock, electro, electronica and alternative pop
in the music which we think gives it a unique sound. If pushed, we would say it’s more of a rock
album than a pop album.
What are you listening too? What are your influences?
Rachel was a die hard rock and metal fan growing up listening to the likes of Motorhead, Iron
Maiden, Korn and Metallica. Nowadays her tastes are more varied and she will listen to whatever
comes her way. Paul’s influences include Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Gary Numan, David Bowie,
Depeche Mode and Kate Bush so a pretty mixed bag. Right now Paul is listening to “A Moon
Shaped Pool” Radiohead, “Hypermoment” Robert Koch, “Goodbye to Language” Daniel Lanois and
“Charleur Humaine” by Christine and the Queens.
Where can we see you play?
This summer Paul has been busy finishing his solo soundtrack album “Omertà”, but we are
planning dates for the new year to coincide with the next single release from the
“Gifted_Damaged” album.
Are there any evocative personal experiences that come through in your music?
For Rachel the theme of the new album “Gifted_Damaged” really struck a chord as she was
piecing her life back together after recovering from a 7 month stay in a rehab for addiction. Many
of the songs resonated with her and when she was singing in the studio, she was singing about
having been broken, but also about feeling hope and strength, having survived. We think you can
really hear her connection with the songs in her delivery of the lyrics vocally.
Tell us about your live setup?
The live setup will be a full band accompanied by a string section and backing vocalist. We have
been filming some additional footage when making the videos for the singles from the album that
we will be using as part of the live shows next year.
What’s next?
Immediately next Rachel will be back at Goldsmiths Uni continuing her psychology degree and
starting rehearsals for the live shows. We will also be filming a couple of video for “White Room” and “Mask” in the coming months and continuing to promote the album in the UK and USA.

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