Track Review: ‘Cardboard Love’ by The Hallows


Alternative pop trio, The Hallows, are back with their latest single, ‘Cardboard Love’.

The London based group are digging up a band-oriented style of pop that has seemingly disappeared from modern popular music in recent times. 

A beautifully memorable descending guitar shuffle opens the track before singer, Sarah Rodriguez’s whispery vocals infect the song with their alluring tone. Classic instrumentation proves itself still worthy of making quality pop music, without the addition of computer fabricated synths or elaborate sound effects.

‘Cardboard Love’ finds its own unique edge during the bridge with the addition of a harmonic string section that creates a moodiness, but also one of grandeur as it builds back up to the catchy chorus. This is one thing about the Hallows music that is so refreshing; there is a real sense of crescendo and layering that works up to a climactic point in their songs, something that has arguably been lost from a lot of modern ‘pop’ music.

If you’re looking for a comparison, as many music lovers will, then the early work of The Script provides a valid reference point, whilst Rodriguez’s vocals have been likened to that of Kate Bush

The Hallows state that their aim is to create ‘punchy, atmospheric pop with a big sound’ and they certainly achieve this with ‘Cardboard Love’. It’s one of those songs where one listen simply isn’t enough; you’ll keep coming back to it.

Overall, there’s nothing flimsy and cardboard-esque about The Hallows’ latest track, apart from the name. A very much solid, well-thought out piece of alternative pop music.

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