Track Review: ‘As We Are’ by Junkerry

If you’re into experimental, genre-bending, psychedelic vibes in your music then Junkerry’s latest release, ‘As We Are’ is definitely one for you.

After getting frustrated with the nature of the music business and record labels in the western world, Junkerry took a running jump and moved to India where she rediscovered her love for music whilst studying classical Indian singing. Her multi-ethnic influences are reflected in her music creating a cultural mixing pot of sounds that makes for a one-of-a-kind listening experience.

There is a tropical ambience to the beat of ‘As We Are’, reminiscent of 90s chillout, whilst the deep swirling phasers on the guitar send out rippling, mind trips that transport you to straight to the sands of a Goan beach. The sun-drenched guitar solo towards the end of the track is well thought out too; it doesn’t steal the limelight from the rest of the track, as is so often the case. Instead, it sits comfortably behind the other elements of the song, knowing its place for optimal musical bliss.

As for Junkerry’s vocals, her french accent renders them smooth and seductive, much like Melody Prochet of Melody’s Echo Chamber, and they compliment the laid-back nature of the track perfectly.

Junkerry’s use of loopers and state-of-the-art computer equipment allow her to create jarring polyrhythms that leave you listening intently to pick out every fine-tuned, crafted element of ‘As We Are’.

It is clear to see from ‘As We Are’ that Junkerry has her hand in a number of genre based pies, and this certainly isn’t a bad thing. She takes the best from each to form a psychedelic, mind-cleansing sound that reflects her journey as a musician.

For more mind trips and visual tricks, check out the video for ‘As We Are’ on Junkerry’s website which has been made using Google’s tilt brush feature. It’s a real feast for the eyes, as well as the ears.





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