We Are The Catalyst album review

Nordic alternative metal band We Are The Catalyst are set to release their striking new album ‘Elevation’ on September 2nd.  The band are really pushing the limits of the rock genre and creating a new unique but beautifully appealing sound.

SMALL WATC_1_2016_logo_bigThe band consists of four members with lead singer Cat Fey having an instantly recognisable voice. She has the perfect vocals to contrast with the harsh guitar sounds.

The album features 11 tracks all with varying themes which have all been personally inspired by the band’s experiences. The band focus on the idea of light in times of darkness and tell that their name is meant to encourage people that it is possible to emerge from these dark times and find yourself in happier places.

The band began promoting the album by releasing the first single ‘Open Door’ which is a powerful and emotive track which inspired by personal growth and emotional journey with the lyrics saying ‘I’ll find a way’. The emotional lyrics and passion of the vocals is contrasted by the powerful guitar and thumping drum. The song also has a lovely accompanying video which sees the band playing in a desolate and cold looking landscape which further reflects the theme of the song.

Other tracks on the album are similar, all featuring stunningly controlled yet emotional vocals and hard hitting guitars.

The band have already had much success, having finished a 10 day tour of China and are set to release another single from the album ‘Home’ soon. Why not go and follow their social media so you can be fully up to date on this next release.


The track listing for “Elevation” is:

  1. Delusion
  2. A Million Claws
  3. Our Dark World
  4. Open Door
  5. Without Fear
  6. One More Day
  7. Alive
  8. Askja
  9. Home
  10. Never Ending Night
  11. Life Equals Pain






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