Indie pop track ‘On a Holiday’

Dan Daidone is sure to cause waves in today’s music scene with his new single ‘On a Holiday’. Featuring elements of rock and indie pop, the energetic new track is attention grabbing and memorable.

Listen to ‘On a Holiday’ here:

Dan, who is interestingly the grandson of violin virtuoso Adolfo Daidone (aka Al Duffy), is clearly a very talented musician who is fearless when it comes to music making. Drawing on artists such as The Car’s, Dan’s sound is experimental yet perfectly on point. He is not a safe musician cocktailing a mix of prog, modern rock and pop.

Dan has already had much success and has toured extensively and if this song is anything to go by then this success does not look to be coming to an end any time soon! This is  fun, cheeky track and certainly one to add to the playlists!




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