Fiery new single ‘Cool Rider Crunch’ from Pink Fireball

The ever more popular four piece rock band Pink Fireball are back with another fiery single ‘Cool Rider Crunch’, due out 8th August.


With a passion for strong psychedelic sixties music, Pink Fireball have fused this inspiration with some uniquely quirks such as the mysterious opening strings whilst the guitar solo towards the end nods towards Jimi Hendrix, carving out a brand new style all of their own.

The accompanying video for the track showcases the bands love of retro style, featuring a 1965 Ford Mustang. Whilst the stars dancer Chloe Alexandra Atherton was not dancing at Paris’ legendary Moulin Rouge, she and Romain Renard directed the video which also features models Aline Tran and Petula Goldfever.

This track is set to feature on an upcoming album which is currently being recorded in London. The band also have plans to release a 7” vinyl containing their singles “Turn Around” and “First Class”.

This track and it’s video are perfect representations of the band’s never ending creativity and genius.

Watch the video here:


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