W.A.L.E. are proving to be The Netherland’s finest

With the release of their 4th studio album ‘Come Together’ and positive feedback from fans  in their home country The Netherlands and in the US, W.A.L.E. are a band who merge years of experience with a fresh attitude to songwriting.

W.A.L.E. are a band that is full of potential. With fans including Status Quo’s Francis Rossi who owns one of their CDs, the band has certainly managed to achieve a fair degree of recognition.  W.A.L.E. have also reached out to legends such as Iggy Pop or Jimmy Page who also own one of their previous records. With ‘Come Together’ they are now ready to roll on to the UK and beyond.

The single ‘Not like another day’ is out on 9th May


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Onofficiële-WALE-1279806322046064/timeline?ref=page_internal

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