Sunfly set to launch new karaoke streaming service that could change Saturday nights forever.

Sunfly, the UK’s leading name in Karaoke technology, is set the mark its 25th Anniversary with the launch of an innovative and revolutionary browser-based streaming service which will allow every household in the UK to access its famous karaoke library through their tablets, laptops, smart phones and TVs with the aim of changing the way family members interact thanks to the service’s unique customisation and design features.

Sunfly hope that  their streaming service could be the start of a ‘seismic shift’ in Saturday night entertainment, catering both for the ‘X Factor’ / ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ generation as well as the traditional karaoke fans. All ages can now create their own musical entertainment at home. “Families that sing together stay together!” apparently.

‘It is clear that with the introduction of Sunfly’s easy to use contemporary and -customisable Karaoke streaming service’ explains Head of Development, Dan Maidstone, ’every home in the country will now be able to enjoy Karaoke in a way they have never done before. Sunfly’s new service will appeal to all members of the family and everyone can create their own personal playlist from Sunfly’s 15000 strong catalogue and specially curated playlists. Unique to Sunfly – the karaoke video’s colour themes, fonts and backgrounds can be instantly changed, even during a song. The impact could be significant over the next decade, changing the face of family interaction especially at weekends .Oh and remember, Dan added,  that Sunfly’s own K Box microphone and mixer is the ideal accompaniment for this service!’’

Sunfly’s streaming service is designed to capture the attention of the teenage market (who are used to consuming music and video through the likes of Spotify and YouTube) allowing them to embrace and discover the service and then introduce all the family to the joy of customised streaming karaoke.

Over the years karaoke has been viewed as something that is enjoyed in bars and clubs by primarily sozzled patrons but the Sunfly streaming service is set to change that and bring karaoke well and truly into the 21st century as well as the homes and hearts of the UK.

Try it free for seven days and then for only £4.99 a month by visiting

Further information – QR and / or Dan Maidstone @ 020 8450 5544



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