Catchy Album Release Set For Success! W.A.L.E



W.A.L.E. is a project that came about as a result of dealing with personal loss. Impelled by the passing of one of his friends, Harry recorded his first album. His friend, who used to be a drummer, was initially planning on recording together with Harry. When illness got in the way, Harry decided to make his first record as a tribute to him. It was then he met the musician and producer Joos in a studio in Amsterdam.

Well-known for his work in The Netherlands, Joos teamed up with Harry to form their band in 2000 which, at that time, went under the name The Early Grey Band. They eventually changed the name to W.A.L.E which is a play on words of the founding members’ last names w de WAij and van LEeuwen.

The single ‘Not like another day’ is out on 9th May

WALE pic

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