A Superstar In China, Now The British Singer Songwriter Wants To Share His Album Release In The UK

“A British singer-songwriter has become an unlikely hero in Hong Kong, where his anthem to overcoming adversity has galvanised free-speech protesters.” — The Guardian

In the follow-up to his 2014 hit song ‘This Is My Dream,’ which beat the likes of Katy Perry and Lady Gaga to reach number 1 on the Hong Kong iTunes charts, British singer-songwriter Kashy Keegan returns with his most heartfelt and personal collection of songs to date.


‘Inner Song’ is a personal account of the life and its highs and lows. While drawing on his own experiences, Kashy is using his music as a means to connect to others and encourage them in dealing with inner turmoil. Using music to help empower others or to try and provide some form of hope, comfort or healing has always been at the core of what has motivated Kashy to write songs. And the singer has plenty of reason to do so. Having had a colourful life that has been filled with many surprises, both good and bad, he understands what adapting to change means.

His musical journey began at the age of seven when he first started taking piano lessons and he wrote his first song around the age of 10. Having spent most of his teenage years in isolation to write and record his music, Kashy has always been certain in terms of his aspirations. The songwriter grew up to the music of artists like Elton John or Tracy Chapman as well as Gospel music, which contributed to the development of his own songwriting techniques.

After having won a young journalist of the year competition at the age of 15, he started working as a journalist interviewing world famous celebrities such as the Spice Girls or Steven Spielberg. Giving up his journalistic career to focus more on his musical ambitions, he went on working in a vast mixture of jobs including cleaning toilets at a nursing home and being a clerk at a hospital. At the age of 25, Kashy was diagnosed with a neurological disease called Charcot Marie Tooth which causes progressive muscle wastage in the feet and lower legs. The physical limitations that are part of the disease have made him realise the importance of seizing the day. The diagnosis has led Kashy to invest all the more time and effort in pursuing his musical ambitions. It has taught the singer self-acceptance and given him a fighting spirit which has ultimately inspired his lyrics. Kashy also eventually returned to working as a journalist.

The album ‘Inner Song’ is out on 18th March and ready to pre-order on itunes on 5th March 2016.

The single ‘Need For Love’ is available on itunes on 5th March 2016.





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