Loopexx are spreading the message of love with new single ‘Here We Are, There We Go’

The idea to help those in need has started with the Eric setting up his own multi-media company called Performers in 2014 which is a talent showcase platform supporting young artists worldwide. After a little jam with his colleague James the two realised that, although from two completely different musical backgrounds, they could create a musical magnetism that could be put to good use. The name has derived from the idea to loop the sound effects of beatbox, vocals and guitar sounds. Their musical style is very much a mix of different genres. While Pipo comes more from an R’n’B background Eric has previously worked as a rock musician. The outcome is a multifaceted pop assortment which is galvanized by Pipo’s beatbox prowess. Honing his skill as a human drum machine has mainly resulted out of necessity since he wasn’t able to afford the real drum set he wanted when he was younger. Since the two have had extensive experience as musicians for years they manage to create an idiosyncratic sound which is based on technical proficiency.

Both Eric and Pipo have been struck with life experiences that had a great impact on their determination to bring happiness to people. Having been a professional football player from 1978 to 1991 Eric’s life underwent a sudden change after he had an accident that wouldn’t allow him to walk for an entire year. During that period he decided that the only medicine he needed to get better was music. His healing process began by helping out other people, first as a motivational coach and then finally through his art.

Being half Filipino Pipo has had to deal with racism throughout most of his life. Not understanding why some people judge by the colour of someone’s skin he chose to turn the pain he experienced into something positive and started putting his energy into working for Austrian social services, helping out young people who struggle with addiction. During a year abroad in the Philippines he encountered various natural catastrophes. One of them was Typhoon Haiyan, which has been recorded as one of the deadliest cyclones in history. After this event nearly caused him to die he found a new appreciation for life and the will to work for the greater good has become stronger than ever.

While charity is certainly always needed Loopexx couldn’t have appeared on the scene at a more relevant time. With political dissatisfaction all around us this band is setting an example of hope and reminds us that good music can do so much more than just please our ears.


The single ‘Here Were Are, There You Go’ will be out on 4th March 2016.





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