Interview – Echo Factory

When was Echo Factory formed? What is the ethos behind the brand?

Echo Factory was formed out of the ashes of BCME, a previous project. Echo Factory is an all inclusive ‘360’ education and music brand encompassing all aspects of the music industry. We offer world class teaching and the ability to implement learning into a real life environment ranging from industry focused placements to being able to perform at real live music venue situated in our new state of the art facility.

Has your background in finance and previous music industry focused outlets helped you find a clear structure for Echo Factory?

I think my previous experience has certainly helped with the process. I went into this project with a  clear goal and I have achieved it. My experience coupled with my passion for music has definitely inspired me to keep at this project until it reach fruition.

What can potential students except from the curriculum at Echo Factory?

We offer bespoke, industry focused programmes geared towards helping our students get a foot in the door of the music world. Whether that be technical, creative or industry areas.

What was the inspiration to start a school focused on the music industry?

We wanted to

Does your location affect the style in which students are educated?

We are based in Leicester’s Cultural Quarter, a happening and vibrant place and the perfect environment for students to learn. Leicester has an illustrious music history and the city is fine place for our students to get their first taste the music industry.

What skill sets do you hope to embody in the students that enrol on the Echo Factory programme?

Determination, tenacity, passion, self belief and a willingness to learn.

What future plans do you have for the programme?

Expand the project to reach more people across the country and continue to deliver exceptional results for our students.


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