Diagnosing: White Fright

We talked to Aaron Powell from Bury St Edmund’s three-piece about the new direction, touring and what the future holds.

DM: your new single ‘Turning Pt I’ is a movement away from your previous projects together. What spurned the change?

AP: I think we had all decided to move away from what we were previously comfortable with both sonically and lyrically. Turning I think is the beginning of a totally new chapter for us both in terms of the direction of the music and our mentality in how we go about writing music.

DM: You recently played a short introductory tour in your local area, how was that?

AP: We had a really great time playing in places we were really comfortable playing in. Our set still had tracks from our previous project so this again was a sort of transitional stage. Our home town gig in Bury was a definite highlight. People really embraced the music and we just fed off the crowd.

DM: Can you explain the symbolism surrounding your social media?

AP: We were taking some press shots with out good friend Kate Wood at Sam’s grandparents house, it is the most amazing house, every room is just crazy. Well the wallpaper on the walls in this one room caught our eye and we just took it from there. We used to jam a lot in that house and wrote a considerable amount of the new material there so I suppose it has some inner symbolic meaning as well.

DM: What kind of influences are coming through in your music?

AP: I think the great thing about being in a band is that you can have polar opposite music tastes but the music you create still remains cohesive. Robbie is really into his electronic music and Sam is big on his jazz while I like everything from West Coast garage rock to 70s funk. Our common ground is our own music, we like playing it and we like listening to it.

DM: Any local acts you are into at the moment?

AP: We were fortunate to grow up in a really vibrant scene and had friends in bands we love. I think seminal local bands for us would be stuff like Keys, Horse Party, Rats As Big As Dogs, The Wilsons and The Cheek.

DM: What is next for White Fright?

AP: We are off to Falmouth for a recording residency in September to lay down the next couple of singles which we are all really excited about. We are looking to hit the road in December and hopefully be in a strong position for festival season in 2016.

DM: Thanks Aaron for your time

AP: Big Up!

you can check out ‘Turning Pt I’ below:

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