Ajay Naik – founder of the innovative British Centre for Music and Enterprise

Award winning entrepreneur aims to create safe hands for the future of music

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An award winning visionary who is aiming to educate a new generation of music industry professionals, Ajay Naik is the founder and CEO of the hastily growing British Centre for Music and Enterprise (BCME). With a career that has seen him tour extensively as a drummer as well as financially managing a host of top musicians, he is uniquely placed to oversee musical education from both the practical, artistic side and from a business perspective.

He qualified as the UK’s youngest regulated and authorised Independent Financial Adviser in 2003, and then forged a great career in the music industry over the next seven years. Over those years, Ajay gained a 360 degree view of the industry, working both on stage and behind the scenes, and often saw how many artistically brilliant musicians didn’t have the knowledge to make the most of their talent from a business standpoint.

Coming to the conclusion that existing musical institutions were not preparing students fully for the modern day industry, he founded the BCME at just 32 years of age. The aim was to place graduates in a better position than their competition when the time comes to spread their wings, full understanding the need to integrate the business side of the industry with performance.

Based in Leicester, the British Centre for Music and Enterprise (BCME) is a ground breaking new facility built with one purpose – to teach the young music lovers of today how they can shape the music industry of tomorrow. The state-of-the-art campus specialises not only in writing, performance and production of music, but also how to navigate the business behind the industry.

Offering courses that are specifically focussed on different aspects of the music business, the BCME specialise in employing tutors and mentors direct from today’s industry. The results are impressive, giving students the chance to learn directly about the contemporary, global aspects of music, and also offering direct access to placements and career opportunities.

It’s a facility that’s dialled directly into music, both artistically and systemically, to bring a rounded education which rivals the revered likes of BIMM and ACM. The aim is to deliver a life-changing, real-world relevant experience which draws on students’ passion for creativity, collaboration and – most importantly – enjoying music.

Ranging from short courses to three year degrees, BCME also offer special events and Masterclasses for those looking to boost knowledge in specific sectors of the business. There is even a chance for students to start their own record labels under the tutelage of the school, with the aim of spreading their wings independently when the time is right. It’s a truly unique and rounded opportunity for music lovers to pursue their goals in an industry that’s notoriously difficult to crack.

And (possibly) the best part? No written exams. This is all about practical application of real-world skills, and not regurgitating book learning.

Want to get hands on with the music industry? BCME is the answer.



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