The young and creative mind of Luke Anders is a name that’s been bubbling on the underground for some time now. Relying on nothing but solid production and a brain full of ideas, he’s taking on all comers and making moves way beyond his years. Teaming up with Rebecca Ryan – the pair have been picked up by the keen ears of Wolfrage Recordings  – a label that know a thing or two about breaking new talent.

‘Fire’ lives up to its name with a glorious piano intro that immediately shows off Luke’s thorough understanding of the theory lost on many electronic music producers. A gush of FX risers, short atmospheric bursts and a steady, but not belligerent stack of snare rolls swerve around Rebecca’s lush vocals and hit full force on the arrival of a main-stage-worthy drop. Luke lets off a super-sized pile of highly melodic and euphoric leads and chords, resulting in a big moment that’ll get arms flying on any dance floor where uplifting electronic bliss is top of the menu.

Managing to tread that thin line between radio-friendly and suitable for the dance floor  – Luke and Rebecca have hit the nail on the head and delivered a truly memorable single that more than deserves its spot on the acclaimed roster of Wolfrage Recordings. The youth of today is the future of our music and with the likes of these young prodigies moving up at such a tender age – we can only begin to imagine what the future of electronic music will sound like.

With Wolfrage on board you can be sure that Luke’s in good hands. Over the last year the label has started to make a real surge and is becoming a regular feature in various Beatport charts. In such a crowded market – anyone making enough progress to get amongst the dominant A-list labels deserves credit and this imprint is a fine example of just that.

‘Fire’ is out now and available through the links below.


Luke Anders Online

Wolfrage Recordings

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