Delhi Trio, Ioish Release ‘Bad Things For None’



Ioish are the Delhi-based trio, made up of Vaibhav Bhutani, who initially started the band as a studio project before meeting  Abhinav Chaudhary and Anshul Iall who convinced him to start playing live. Working separately on a variety of different music projects for over seven years, after meeting each other over Soundcloud, they have finally decided to write and produce music together after playing together for a year. The EP is mostly self produced, and features the renowned Abhishek Bhatia and Arsh Sharma of the ‘Circus’ on some of the vocals.

‘Bad Things For None’ is an instrumental track, with crashing guitar riffs that evoke and trigger hopeful emotions – it was written with Vaibhav in mind, when he was going through a rough time and was about to leave the music business.

They have played at the prestigious Shiva Squad Festival in Manali, India, and also opened for Tides From Nebula on their India tour at their New Delhi show. Vaibhav has spent many years working primarily as a sound engineer and a music producer – hence why most of the EP is self produced. Abhinav practises architecture on the side, and Anshul runs a bus-body-making factory in Delhi. They have previously played with other bands, such as The Circus, Higher Conscience, Fuzzculture and Mosko, and are continuing to gig as much as possible and expand their ever-growing fan-base.

“Ioish is a mix of Indian tinged beats with weird off-time jazzy feel trippyness that is going to develop into something for sure… watch out!” – Martin Atkins

The track ‘Bad Things For None’ begins with a pensive vibe, with a dark resonating base, which is designed to embolden the listener. It provides a haunting listening experience for the audience. It is due for release on November 28th.

You can watch the sultry video for ‘Bad Things For None’


Ioish on Hit 95 fm, New Delhi India,

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