Cody Pennington dares you ‘To Be Me’ with new EP


Stylish five song acoustic collection out now having been released August 16th

A singer-songwriter who was born in Nashville, Tennessee, but now residing in Suffolk, Cody Pennington is an acoustic guitar based musician with a taste for a classy turn of lyrical phrase and some effective instrumental melodies.

Nominated at the NMG awards for ‘Best Male Solo Artist 2014’ this year, he’s clearly an artist on the rise, a journey that will no doubt be aided by the release of his new, stylish five song EP.

With an extremely personal song writing style and autobiographical lyrics that speak of love and loss alongside a range of upbeat and pared back tempos, his is a range that fits perfectly in a market which is currently on the hunt for a new male voice. And what a voice it is – clear, almost rasping, and very distinct – you can hear it married to some lovely fingerpicking in the title track of the new EP:

It’s a vocal that has placed him on the radar of some top-level music industry people; connections which saw him play in support of the international American Idol tour when they visited Turkey (another country the travelling troubadour has resided in). To play amongst such well-regarded vocal company without sounding out of place stands the songwriter in good stead, and Pennington is hoping that’s the first of many shows on that scale.

Not bad for a vocalist who only started singing by accidentally signing up for a choir in school.

An artist laid bare by his sparse arrangements and personal writing style, perhaps Cody sums it up best himself:

“This is me. This is who I am. Judge the hell out of me.”




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