The Paramedic release yet another outstanding album ‘Diary of my Demons’

           The paramedic The Paramedic’s highly anticipated new album “Diary Of My Demons” is out everywhere right now! The album is streaming on YouTubeSpotify and Rdio, CDs and can be downloaded at iTunesAmazon or BandCamp.


            There are so many ways to keep up to date with everything the band are doing at the moment with the first music video for the track “Who I’ve Become” being streaming now on VEVO. Not only this, but fans can watch lyric videos for “Proud” and “Fire Red” and on top of all that they can watch an exclusive behind-the-scenes interview with the band in the studio! 


            ‘Diary Of My Demons’ sees a new level of maturity and growth that has been unparalleled by the band. Vocalist and lyricist Michael Luciano admitted that “This album was not for the faint of heart, and I think these songs are going to show that. ‘Diary Of My Demons’ is an album full of darkness, anger, sadness, and self-reflection. There were some things that I needed to get off of my chest, demons that I had to let go of. What better way to let them go than by sharing my demons with the world.”


            The Paramedic released their incredible debut album ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ in October 2012, which peaked at #8 on the iTunes Metal Chart. The group have had a fantastic couple of years, touring in support of the release with Dance Gavin Dance, A Lot Like Birds, The Bunny The Bear, and loads more, as well as appearing at 2013’s ‘South By So What Festival’ in Texas.


            The band are dedicated to making their dream become a reality and will have nothing stand in their way. A prime example of this dedication being the fact that, against his parents’ wishes, Luciano dropped out of college to pursue his dream of making it in the world of music. This intense internal struggle has made Luciano’s lyrics personal and a one-of-a-kind statement, the profound topics range from raising awareness towards rape to standing up for what you believe in and never backing down. Judging by the nearly 500,000+ views of their cover of Lil’ Wayne’s “6 Foot 7 Foot” on YouTube and their 57,000 fans on Facebook, all of the hard work and life altering decisions have been worth it.


            As guitarist/songwriter Jake Nolan adds: “With ‘Diary Of My Demons’, we wanted to define who we are as a band. We pushed our boundaries musically and lyrically to tap our true potential and I think these songs truly show it,”


            In early 2012, the bands’ dream finally started to come together when New Jersey based record label, Bullet Tooth, signed The Paramedic to a deal. Joining other acts such as Affiance, Throw The Fight, Death Ray Vision and more, the band is sure to reach new audiences that they could only ever have dreamed about. “It’s been our vision to not only be signed to a label, but also to a label that we know and trust and with Bullet Tooth, we know we are getting just that” said vocalist Michael Luciano. 


            The band is currently on tour in the U.S. with Everyone Dies In Utah and Luciano goes on to say “We could have never done this without the help of a reputable label and now that we have the backing of an amazing label, we plan on making nothing but the best for our fans. We cannot wait to see what the future holds.”


The Paramedic seem to be going from strength to strength, so keep an eye out and expect big things in the years to come!



Track Listing for “Diary Of My Demons” (Which was released August 12, 2014)

1. Prologue

2. Have A Nice Day

3. Who I’ve Become

4. Proud

5. Make Me Feel

6. Lying To A Liar

7. Fire Red

8. I’ve Been There

9. Captivate

10. My Life In A Bottle


The Paramedic is:

Mike Luciano – Vocals

Jake Nolan – Guitar
Sean Salasny – Guitar

Colten Terrell – Drums

Brandon Wallace – Bass


The Paramedic Music Videos:


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