Mini Mozart set to run worlds first Crowd funded Record Studio

The World’s first crowd funded record label!



Prodigious 10 year old pianist Curtis Elton ATCL (1st year of a university degree) and brand new crowd funding website Music Raiser are teaming up this month, aiming to make Elton the youngest record label boss in history.

Already a huge success in the EU, MusicRaiser is a unique site designed to support musicians as the world’s first crowd funded record label. Launching in the UK, one of the first projects on their agenda will see ‘Mini Mozart’ Curtis Elton pledge to set up a record label to promote talented child musicians.

Curtis got the idea having been unceremoniously turned away from this year’s ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ in spite of getting four ‘yes’ votes and rave reviews from the judges. The change of fortunes was especially surprising as producers had sought out the talented pianist to try again after booting him out at the same stage in 2011. Having been given assurances that the same would not happen this time, Elton was disappointed but decided to take his new found fame and exposure in a positive direction, and create a new record label aimed at providing a platform for new musical talent. Curtis is looking to use crowd funding to help him achieve his goals and that’s where Music Raiser comes in.

With over €1 million raised in its first year online, MusicRaiser has an existing community of 40,000 fundraisers looking for the best new music projects in the industry.

You can see Curtis Elton’s Musicraiser pledge video on The Music Raiser Website:

Curtis Elton: / Twitter

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