Hot on the heels of his recent No1 hit on MTV Hive in the USA, Ankit Love is returning with new pop single ‘Spill the Milky Way’

Produced by Matt Walters (Shola Ama, Matt Goss, Soul Unique, Finlay Quay, Boy George, Peter Andre), the romantic single is a layered pop tune with an ambitious video taking in a jewellery heist and a city black out designed to put an end to light pollution and illuminate his love by starlight.

You can check out the video here:

But a successful music career just isn’t enough for Ankit Love – one of the most ambitious and hard working creatives at the moment, he has many strings to his bow.

In addition to his music, Ankit heads up his own fashion label AU79, and has worked closely with his friend, fashion designer Nicole Coste on her label branding and new store on Beauchamp Place, Knightsbridge.  He  also works as a film and music video director. His latest project will see him direct his own script – a high fashion version of ‘Romeo & Juliet’ set in British India.
On top of all that, Ankit even found time to work as Editor in Chief for fashion and science magazine MIST, and is now Editor-at-Large for international culture magazine BRIC. His works have put him at the forefront of the new artistic movement termed ‘Metamodernism’ –  which oscillates between the divergent aesthetics such as the idealisim of Romanticism and the pragmatism of post-modernism.

All of this seems minor though compared to his most ambitious project: Unicorn White C.I.C. Using crowd funding, Ankit Love is hoping to fund a mission to Mars! Working on the basis that, if everyone in the UK signed up, or less than 1% of the world to a (£1.65) €2  per month subscription, 65 million people would raise the £5.8 billion (€7 billion) necessary to fund the launch of return flight by 2022!

So there you have it – a musician literally reaching for the stars!


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