Moral Panics Release New Single ‘February’!

Building on their current success of their EP, ‘WLVS’, Stoke 4 piece Moral Panics are building quite a momentum in their native Staffordshire, with new single ‘February’ due to be released in May.


Influenced by several bands that have tried something new, namely the likes of Foals, Peace Swim Deep and Nirvana, theirs is a dark, rocky indie-pop sound with complex guitar lines mixed in with hard-hitting, straight up rhythms and chunky chords.

The new single ‘February’ is typical of this, an energetic tune with intricate, varied rhythm and uplifting vocals to overlay the almost percussive guitar lines. Taken from the ‘WLVS’ EP – out now – the track is a timely reminder that this group is one of the most creative bands in Staffordshire. Passionate about the arts as a whole, Moral Panics count clothing designers, novel writers and film makers amongst their number. But music is their greatest individual and shared love.

They can already boast being invited to support the likes of Dog is Dead, and have also received support from BBC Introducing Radio including the recording of live session. Their strong local fan base means they regularly sell out their hometown gigs.

But the potential beyond that is immense for Moral Panics, and with the new single and other releases on the horizon, 2014 could well be their year.


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