Serena Kern returns with ‘I Lied’ EP, May 7th

Three track EP follows last year’s ‘My Promise’

Serena Kern is an Indian/Swiss singer-songwriter whose multi faceted, soulful pop has garnered fans from all over the world and it’s not difficult to see why.

Her latest release, a three track EP that brings in multiple influences from her pop sensibilities as well as her past in India, is released on May 7th.

Comprising heartfelt pop ballad (and title track) ‘I Lied’, as well as the upbeat and Indian music inflected ‘Better to Have Loved’ and the slow acoustic build of ‘Lullaby’, the EP continues her approach of writing autobiographical music with a varied sound.

You can hear the tracks on YouTube:

I Lied

Better to have Loved:


It’s been clear for some time that Serena Kern was going to be a success in whatever field she chose. Given an award for achieving the highest IGCSE exam results in India in 2005, she has since graduated from the London School of Economics with a Law Degree and now works at one of the top global law firms in the city.

Juggling this responsibility with her musical work is no easy task, but Serena Kern works hard to make sure neither suffers, marking her out as one of the most ambitious artists on the independent scene.


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